Laljibhai B. Jivani



Aquachem is an associate concern of M/s. Kranti Polytech Pt. Ltd floated by Laljibhai B Jivani who with years of business acumen and expertise diverted his adventure under the name Kranti group about 30 years ago which has grown into a formidable group rendering services in the areas of Agricultural, irrigation, domestic and plumbing system leaving its foot mark in each year of its service. Kranti group has been instrumental in large scale exports of its products to various countries. Kranti brand products have become very popular in the certain overseas areas.

Excellent marketing team and strong sales and distribution network across the country to ensure superior quality plumbing system available to the end user. The group sells its various environment friendly products through its 1100+ odd dealers spread across the country. Almost every nook and corner of the country. We are one of the largest manufacturers of plumbing system like, Pipes, Fittings and Valves in uPVC and CPVC grades SWR, Agri & RPVC Pipes and fittings. We understand the need of rural and urban India where not only durability but also non leaking plumbing system is underlined in addition to cost effectiveness.

Our Mission


Aquachem Industries Pvt. Ltd emphasizes on the aspects of an effective plumbing system without any loophole leakage protection. The survival span of the infrastructure is going to be considerably minimal irrespective of other quality inputs used in the concerned infrastructure.

As a responsible manufacturer with a reputation to maintain our group who has been in the area of manufacturing of water flow systems are dedicated to create a dependable plumbing system that plugs all loopholes for leakages thereby ensuring long life of not only the installed water flow system but also the infrastructure itself. Moreover it saves the precious water.

Our Vision

  • Years of Research and Development efforts
  • Contribution of expert hands associated with creation
    of quality plumbing system.
  • A system that protects the structure and saves water.
  • Best raw material inputs from world renowned suppliers.
  • Quality checking at all levels of production from purchase to dispatch
  • Proven products with years of service
  • Chemical blending intricacies suited to create the best pipes,
    fittings and ball valves.
  • A nationwide marketing and servicing net work
  • Prompt after sales service
  • Customer satisfaction
The Aquachem Industries Pvt.Ltd is an associate company of "The Kranti Group" is formidable name in the area of PVC valves and caters to farming, domestic and industrial needs. We have 3 manufacturing units functioning as sister companies in the group.
Kranti Plastic, Ahmedabad is one of the associated companies of Kranti Plastic Group, Ahmedabad. From an humble beginning about 15 years ago Kranti Group is now a leading enterprise in the areas of valves, Pipes & pipe fittings mainly.

Infrastructure Aquachem & Kranti

The company has a well maintained shop floor with modern machineries, skilled human resources and systems in place to achieve the best results. A sprawling plant consisting of both Kranti & Aquachem production is situated in the outskirts of Ahmedabad City. The Corporate office is situated in Ahmedabad City with a large modern office with 21,000 sq. fts. Space. Aquachem industries Pvt. Ltd has state-of-art manufacturing facility with 21 Nos. of third generation Ferromatic Milacron (USA technology) Injection Moulding Machines installed over a sprawling area in the suburbs of Ahmedabad City.

The world best Thyson make extruding machines brings out the best pipes. We always believe in manufacturing excellent quality product, for that we use best quality raw material to get optimum characteristics from our products. Our Automatic Compound Plant produces the best chemical blends suited to develop best pipes, fittings and valves Presently Aquachem is one of the fastest growing brand in the country. The sophisticated high productive automatic machines produce large quantities of pipes, fittings and ball valves catering the need of lacs of people across the country. The production capacity is envisaged to meet the future demand which is already growing steep.

We are well equipped with strong warehousing capacity, to easily store huge stock to carter all over the India without any hesitation.


A team of QC supervisor is on duty continuously to randomly pick items from the production line and do various applicable Computerized testing, such as:-

  • Impact test
  • Compression Test
  • Hydro Pressure Test
  • Ash content Test
  • Density Test
  • Opacity Test
  • Vicat Softening Test
  • Reversal Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Thermal Stability Long Term Test

IS : 13592 : 2013

UPVC Pipes for soil and waste discharge systems..

IS : 4985 : 2000

Unplasticized PVC Pipes for Potable Water Suppliers

IS : 15778 : 2007

Chlorinated PVC Pipes for Potable Hot and Cold Water Distribution


The well oiled Research & Development set up is constantly run under the expertise guidance of the promoters to improve products quality from time to time. People behind the company have decades of experience, expertise and technical knowhow in the field of water flow, both for potable and irrigation applications, due to which Aquachem gets additional backing for its quality consistency.


The products made of GI Pipes etc., have become outdated today. The PVC has a wider scope and hence present and future applications will be PVC based. We use best quality PVC raw material sourced from selected global manufacturers.